IoT will change your world

Telecoms use the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver a collection of products and services that bring additional value to their existing networks.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how we work, how we live, how we get value from our belongings and assets, and even how government and society function. And the connectivity layer for the IoT is usually provided by the telecommunications system, which means it will consequently become part of an ecosystem.

Looking at the way analytics is reaching deeper into the telecommunications industry, it seems IoT is one of the strongest forces for reimagining long-held beliefs.

Quoting from Micheal E Raynor and Philson’s article titles ‘Beyond the dumb pipe: The IoT and the new role for network service providers’ “The sensor technologies that make things “smart” are only part of the IoT, however. Connecting all these devices is what turns isolated pockets of technology into a network that generates and pools data in ways that lead to valuable insights. Thanks to the central role of communications in many IoT deployments, how companies create value is often a function of the interaction between sensor technology and the network layer. Linking new and legacy sensors within an IoT ecosystem often means that companies seeking to realize value from the IoT need to work closely with their communication services providers (CSPs). In the words of one commentator, we need no longer settle for dumb tools but can instead look forward to “enchanted objects.”- Beyond the dumb pipe: The IoT and the new role for network service providers

Taking inspiration from my various research, I’m listing below how ioT will benefit the Telecom Industry

1. The industry will move from revenue generation to value generation

Till now telecom players have genuinely been generating revenues by providing a simple service. Using the power of IoT, this can actually change to value generation for customers which will in turn aid the economies and books of telecom players

2. Providing better solutions

IoT empowers telecom operators to provide better solutions for customers whether B2B or B2C. Some of these are

  • Narrowband IoT
  • Integrated Terminals
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Telematics
  • Smart Grid
  • Satellite IoT

3. Telecoms ecosystem may turn out to be much broader than originally envisaged

When we talk about the telecoms ecosystem, many people may still be thinking about operators, infrastructure providers and customers. However, the data generated from mobile devices and wearables connected to mobile and other telecoms networks has huge potential in other sectors, which some operators have started to explore. This means that the traditional concept of the “telecoms ecosystem” may soon become as outdated as the idea of only having a landline. Already the telecoms ecosystem for some operators’ partners in insurance and smart homes are all connected via the IoT, and I think the potential to find many new ways to increase value is endless.